Graduate Admission

The University offers graduate programs in  education and counseling. Students are accepted for admission in fall, spring, and summer semesters according to the following deadlines:

Fall Semester, July 1

Spring Semester, November 1

Summer Semester, April 1

Requirements and Procedures

Students applying for graduate admission must submit the following documents. All degree seeking and non-degree seeking must submit the following items to the Admissions Office:

  1. A formal application for admission to graduate studies.

  2. Official transcripts of all colleges/university coursework including evidence of the completion of a baccalaureate degree at a regionally accredited institution in the United States or a comparable degree from a foreign academic institution. An undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.00 on a 4.00 scale on all prior college course work.

  3. Domestic and International prospective student who graduated from an educational institution outside the U.S. are required to have transcripts evaluations done through WES.

  4. Evidence of English language proficiency. See International Student Admissions, page 11.

  5. Written recommendations from two individuals knowing the applicant's professional ability, personal character, and intellectual promise for pursuing successful graduate study.

  6. An essay of 500-750 words that describes some of the most important experiences of your life and how they have shaped the person you have become. Also, describe how continuing your education at Southwestern Adventist University will fit into your goals for the future.

  7. Official GRE test results for the Counseling Psychology MA. A score of 590 or higher based on the following formula: undergraduate GPA x 100 + GRE Score (combined verbal and quantitative sections). GRE results cannot be older than five years (GRE is only required for the MA programs).

Additional documents may be required by the academic department offering the desired degree program.

Consideration for admission to graduate study is contingent upon the integrity of the information submitted to the University.

Discovery of false information subsequent to the offer of admission is, at the University's discretion, grounds for withdrawal of the offer of admission or for immediate dismissal at any point in the student's course of study. Such dismissal shall result in forfeiture of all charges paid and academic credits earned.

Master of Arts in Counseling (MA)

Students applying for graduate admission to the Master of Arts in Counseling program must also apply to the Department of Education and Psychology. The following materials must be submitted to the department:

  1. Meet all regular admissions including GRE requirements, see requirements and procedures for details.
  2. A departmental application to graduate studies in counseling.

  3. Appropriate documentation for a certified background check.

The department will also interview the applicant.

Master of Education (MEd)

An applicant will be accepted in good and regular standing to the MEd program if he or she meets the following criteria:

Meet all regular admissions requirements.

Acceptable areas of study for admission to the MEd include education, school guidance, or at least 20 semester hours in education.