Officers of Administration

Kenneth Shaw, Ed.D., President

Donna Berkner, Ed.D., Interim Vice President for Academic Administration, Accreditation Liaison, Graduate Dean

Joel Wallace, C.P.A., Vice President for Financial Administration

Administrative Services

  • Enga Almeida, B.S., Vice President for Enrollment
  • Keith Beucler, M.S., Network Administrator/Director of Security
  • Tina Bottsford, B.S., Director for Enrollment
  • Kip Bowser, B.S., Director of Client Services
  • Stephanie Campos, B. B.A., Financial Aid Counselor
  • Rahneeka Hazelton, M.A., Director of Admissions
  • Alison Hill, M.A., Assistant Director, Records
  • Connie Jenkins, A.S., Assistant to the Registrar
  • Jason Kowarsch, M.A., Registrar, Director of Records
  • Russ Laughlin, M.Div., Vice President for Spiritual Development
  • Charles Lewis, B.A., Director of Information Technology Services
  • Karina Lima, B.S., Cashier
  • David Mendoza, B.S., Senior Software Engineer
  • Manuel Molina, B.A., Student Account Advisor
  • Renata Ocampo, M.A., Director, Center for Academic Success and Advising
  • Jerry Potter, M.B.A., Assistant Student Accounts Director
  • Genelle Rogers, B.B.A., Human Resources Director
  • Marcel Sargeant, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Academic Administration, Institutional Research and Distance Education
  • James The, M.Ed., Vice President for Student Services
  • Cristina Thomsen, M.A., M.S., Librarian
  • Duane Valencia, M.B.A., Assistant Vice President for Student Financial Services
  • Greg Wicklund, C.P.A., Assistant Vice President for Financial Administration
  • Edna Yanez-Perez, M.B.A., Accountant
  • Tony Zbaraschuk, M.A., M.L.S., Assistant Librarian
  • Josafat Zemleduch, B.A., Associate Financial Aid Director

Campus Services

  • Dale Hainey, Director for Physical Plant
  • Juan Carlos Enriquez, B.S., Director for Custodial Services/transportation
  • William Iverson, B.S., Dean of Men
  • Lillianne Lopez, M.S., School Counselor/Disability Services Director
  • Rafael Romo, Supervisor, Grounds
  • Sualua Tupolo, Executive Chef/Director for Food Service
  • Janelle Williams, M.Ed., Dean of Women
  • Marcela Wall, M.S.A., Director, Bookstore